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  A Aberdeen Aces and Eights (2021) A Dozen Roses (Partner) Alcohol Alfi All You need (Feb. 2016) And You You You Another Song (Juni 2017) Anything for Love (Sep. 2016) Applejack A Tale To Tell (Juli 2018) A Woman Like You    D Dance Again (Castagnoli) Dance to the Violine (Okt. 2016) Disappearing Tail Lights Dog River Blues Down On Your Uppers (Okt. 2018) Down To The Honkytonk (Sep. 2019) Drinking with Dolly (Feb. 2018)       E Ey Digger Eyes wide open    K Kiss my Country Ass    L 2 Lane Highway (März 2017) Lalali (Nov. 2017) Land of Dreams Lightning Polka Like a Rose (Feb. 2016) Lindi Shuffle Little Bitty Lonely drum (Juli 2017) Long Pride (Sep. 2015) Look Around Love Lock (Juli 2021) Love Someone (Nov. 2018)    M Marti Mama Courtney (April 2017) Mauret´s Monday Mean Memphis Grace (Aug. 2019) Millie´s Tip Mountains To The Sea (Aug. 2016)    S Saturday Night Safe Haven (Aug. 2020) Sailor Boy Sea Of Heartbreak Sheriff On Fire Shotgun House She`s Mine (Feb. 2020) Sixteen Step (Partner) Skiffle Time Skip the Line (Juni 2018) Speak To The Sky Story (Juli 2018) Story Of Us Straight2 You (2021) Sunbeam
  B Back in Love by Monday (2021) Backroad Nation (Juli 2020) Beautiful Day Bee Bop Beers Ago Go Best Part of the Day Better Days (Nov 2018) Better Times Black Coffee Black Train Blarney Roses Blue Side (Feb 2019) Bonaparte´s Retreat (Jan. 2020) Bonfire Heart Boot Scootin Boogie Bop The Be Bounty (Apr. 2016) Bread And Butter Break It Back Down (März 2018) Buck Wild Stomp (Partner) Bruises    F Fallin and Flyin (Partner) Farmers Wife (März 2019) Fireflies (März 2019) Firestorm Fire and Lace (Aug. 2016) Friday Yet Four Corners    N Nothing But You (März 2020)    O Old and Grey (Jan. 2018) One Goodbye (Juni 2019) One Magic Moment (Okt. 2019) Open Heart Cowboy Overrated Overseas (Jan. 2017)    T Tag On Tears on the Highway Tell the World Texas Time (Juli. 2018) 10 Years (Aug. 2021) Thanks a Lot (Aug. 2016) Thank You (März 2022) The Belle Of Liverpool The Boat To Liverpool The Captain (2021) The Flute The Gambler This And That (Juni 2019) Three Crosses (Juli 2016) Tinkabelle Town Of Hope and Memories Turned On (Feb. 2017) Turn It On Cowboy Twist and Turns (Nov. 2016)    U    V
  C Call Me The Breeze (Dez. 2017) Canadian Stomp Can´t Say No Cash Back Catalan Up Chattahoochee Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights (Nov. 2019) Corn (Dez. 2021) Corn Don´t Grow (März 2016) Country Friends &... Country Smile (April 2019) Country Style Country Two Step Cowgirls (Mai  2018) Country Walkin Cowgirl Twist Crazy Song (Nov. 2021) Curious Girl (Okt. 2017)    G Gone West (März 2020) Gypsi Queen (Jan. 2017) Greater (Jan. 2016)    H Happy Auction Happy happy happy (Sep. 2017) High Cotton    I I m Bored (2021) Inseme (Juni 2017) I Saw The Light (März 2017) I Will Dance Indian Sound Irish Stew It´s Amerika    J Joana    P Paddy´s Choir (Jan. 2018) Paradise (Jan. 2019) P 3 People Are Good (April 2022) Petite Tiago Power    Q    R Raggle Taggle Gipsy O Reflection Rockland (März 2018) Rock Paper Scissors Rolling Away (Nov. 2016) Rumba Stroll (Partner) Runaway Train (Partner)    W Wagon Wheel Reprise Wandering Hearts (April 2018) Waves Of Love (Jan. 2020) We Only Live Once (Juni 2015) Welcome Home (Jan. 2022) When The Diamonds Fall White Rose Wintergreen (Okt. 2020) Witchcraft (Feb. 2022)    Y Yaboy Ya Come Down (Mai 2019)    Z